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Voted Best Acupuncture in San Diego

“It’s no wonder that Riley’s office has been rated the #1 office for acupuncture in San Diego by CityBeat readers 5 different times!!.  Riley has an extensive background in acupuncture and Chinese herbs and his 4 plus years of training and study in China coupled his astute knowledge of Western medicine make him a well-rounded and trusted caregiver.  I started seeing Riley for massage about 4 years ago and knew he had been training for acupuncture, but I was unfamiliar with it and didn’t pay it a lot of mind.  I had been plagued by constant I.T. band and hip issues my whole life but had mostly just tolerated the pain as it came and went periodically.  I had written it off and learned to live with it.  Although this had a major impact on my active lifestyle, I just sort of worked around it and incorporated it into new activities and routines until recently when I’ve realized it had become a chronic issue that was only going to get worse.  I casually mentioned to Riley the knee and hip issues I had been enduring, and he recommended a course of acupuncture treatments.  I have been amazed, Riley’s treatments have truly eliminated my problems and allowed me to enjoy the sports and activities I had enjoyed before.  Riley is nothing short of a gifted and compassionate healer, his aim is to remedy the symptoms, not to cover them up.   Riley books up quickly, so you have to act fast!  It’s an amazing, friendly, office whose priority is patient care.”—  Gina S.

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