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Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation

“Weight management has always been a struggle for me and quitting smoking was tough too. I had tried all kinds of diets and lost count how many times I tried to quit smoking.  This past January I finally decided enough was enough.  I had talked with Riley beforehand and he explained that acupuncture can help with weight loss and quitting

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Chinese Herbs for Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

“I was completely new to the world of Chinese Herbal Medicine and had a lot of preconceived notions about it.  Turns out its much simpler and not as crazy as I thought!  Riley made it so simple and straight forward.  I trusted him after he explained the years of in-class and practical training they require for his degree and license.

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Dry Needling and Cupping for Shoulder Pain

“I moved to San Diego from out-of-state where I used to get regular dry needling from my PT.  I learned that in California only licensed acupuncturists can perform Dry Needling due to their extensive training.  I totally agree with that!  I was not interested in a full acupuncture session, just some quick motor point dry needling of my rotator cuff

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Acupuncture for Labor Induction

“I had heard about acupuncture for labor induction but was skeptical.  Riley explained everything to me perfectly and told me that he had positive results in the past and that it usually takes 3-5 visits over a week.  When I was past term I went in for my appointment and had such a great experience.  After my 3rd visit in

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