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No More Migraines!

“When my neurologist recommended acupuncture for acute migraine, I didn’t hesitate to call.  Riley has performed miracles.  I have very few migraines and when I do, they are very short lived and far less intense.  I believe with further treatment, they will disappear altogether.  This would be epic as I’ve suffered with migraines for 20 years.  He has also treated me with great success for TMJ that is likely related to migraine.  Throw in treatment for arthritis and I’m a solid believer.  But acupuncture has gone beyond giving me relief from pain.  I feel better… an over-all grounded sense of well-being.  Acupuncture is very calming; it’s so relaxing to lay quietly for an hour in a dimly lit room with pleasant music.  But it’s more than that.  I feel centered.  All I can say is if you are hesitant about chiropractic or acupuncture, just give it a try.”— Margy S.

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