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Honest and Up Front

“I LOVE is that Riley doesn’t try to convince you to visit more often than you need to. The goal is to get you feeling better and keep you that way. Riley always explains that in a “perfect” world with unlimited time and money ideally it usually takes x amount of visits for something to get better. He keeps it real and says that he lives in the “real world” too and tells me what the absolute minimum amount of follow up would be to make the acupuncture worth my time and money. I usually end up somewhere in the middle. He makes it very clear that acupuncture is rarely a magic “fix” or like some kind of pill so it does usually take some follow up visits but he is so respectful of my own time and budget constraints. He always helps me create a treatment plan that is a win-win-win for my health, budget and pocketbook.”— Cameron Y.

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