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TCM and Libido in Men

When it comes to acupuncture and gender specific issues, most people only know of women’s health and fertility.  However, Traditional Chinese Medicine has an equally long history and solid track record when it comes to treating men’s specific health needs also.


As with most conditions, factors related to health issues are usually multidimensional. Low libido can be a result of stress, age, depression, drug/alcohol overuse, diabetes and the most commonly thought of culprit- low testosterone aka “Low T”. As an acupuncturist here in San Diego, first I get to the root of the issue after asking lots of questions both in person and on the standard intake form.

Testosterone decline is part of the normal aging process usually kicking in at age 50 but sometimes even as soon as 40. The steroid hormone, testosterone is in involved with bone strength, muscle development, sperm production and libido.  When testosterone is low symptoms include low libido, anxiety, insomnia and erectile dysfunction.

In TCM different organs are associated with different bodily processes.  Aging is a factor related to the kidneys.  This is not saying that there is a problem with the kidneys but rather the energetic component related to them.  As we age the balance of yin and yang of the kidneys becomes destabilized. It is usually due to “yang deficiency” and can be felt in the body as sore lower back, cold sensation/feeling, weak knees and legs as well as a pale complexion.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a great formula to address yang deficiency: Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (literally translated as Kidney Pill). The combination of natural plant-based herbs in this ancient formula work to mitigate one another so that no single herb has too strong an effect. The Chinese were actually the first to combine multiple herbs into formulas rather than using single herbs only as we have in the Western herbal tradition.

Along with this herbal formula regular acupuncture at one of my offices serving North Park, Mission Hills, University Heights and Normal Heights can really work wonders.  Systemic changes like this can take time but I have found that with regular treatment, herbs and moxibustion to the low back it is well worth my patients efforts.

Aside from aging low libido can also be a result of stress, depression, anxiety, drugs/alcohol and diet.  All of these are also effectively treated with acupuncture, herbs and some often simple dietary changes.

If Im not already, I look forward to being your go-to guy for acupuncture in San Diego!

In Health,

Riley Smith LAc, DiplOM

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