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Tell me more about Chinese herbs…

Herbs can be a powerful adjunct to acupuncture care. They are used to strengthen, build and support the body or to clear it of excess problems like a cold, fever or acute pain. Sometimes, I even suggest starting with herbs and then adding acupuncture to your treatment in the future. This is suggested to build up your internal strength so you can receive the full benefits acupuncture has to offer.

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the great herbal systems of the world, with an unbroken tradition going back to the 3rd century BC. Yet throughout its history it has continually developed in response to changing clinical conditions, and has been sustained by research into every aspect of its use. This process continues today with the development of modern medical diagnostic techniques and knowledge.

As a licensed acupuncturist in California, I have undergone years of academic and “real-world” training to legally administer herbs. Contrary to popular belief, Chinese herbs do NOT entail drinking horrible tasting concoctions consisting of various crazy substances.  Of the thousands of herbs and formulas used 99% are plant-based.

I use only certified organically grown herbs prepared in an FDA compliant facility.  Most of the formulas I prescribe are in easy to take pill form and are shipped directly to your home from the manufacturer.

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