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What is Orthopedic or Sports Medicine acupuncture?

This is my specialty. Orthopedic acupuncture uses muscle motor points, trigger points and traditional Chinese medical points. Motor points are usually found at the mid section of muscles and have the greatest neural potential. Stimulating the trigger point literally encourages the muscle to “reset” and a slight painless jump in the muscle might be felt. This resetting of the muscle encourages the muscle to relax allowing fresh circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid to nourish the fibers and mitigate formation of scar tissue. Trigger points often indicate pain referral.

Traditional Chinese medical points correspond to the flow of the body meridians and are powerful in resolving disorders throughout the whole body. Most people who seek out acupuncture are looking for relief from pain. Pain due to everyday stress, incorrect ergonomics and injury can be treated using orthopedic acupuncture. It is an effective way to manage and treat musculo-skeletal problems.

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