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How does acupuncture work?

Despite having been practiced for nearly 5,000 years, scientific research of the mechanism of acupuncture was started only a half century ago, first in Japan and China, then gradually in France, Germany, Russia and the other European countries. Since the USA has joined the main stream of scientific research of acupuncture for the past two decades, new discoveries and theories on its mechanism have ever been increasing every year. In spite of a great amount of research has been done all over the world, no one can yet explain the conclusive mechanism of acupuncture.

There are, however, some theories that are widely accepted as quite valid to explain many different aspects of acupuncture mechanism. These theories are called Nerve-Reflex Theory, Gate Control Theory of Pain, Endorphin Theory, Implicit Order of “X-Signal System” and others.

For even more information, head to the “Modern Research and Acupuncture” protein of this website for greater detail.

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