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Fall is the Season of the Lungs

Are you familiar with 5 Element acupuncture?  Even if not, you’ve probably heard of it or at least the 5 Elements:

Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal

Part of what I love about being and acupuncturist is that I look at the complete and total picture of a patient’s symptoms.  When you come in to see me it might be about low back pain and, while I treat that, I take the entire history and ask seemingly random questions to fine tune a diagnosis specific to you.  My investigative work begins before I even see you!  Im putting together different pieces of the questions on your intake form so that I can better treat your condition.

Back to the elements… Each season has elements and organs associated with them. Fall (my favorite season!) is linked to the metal element along with the lung.  Individual personalities and constitutions even have their own associated elements.  So how does this translate over?  Well, think of what metal is like- its set in its form, doesn’t bend and is rigid.  Know anyone like this?  Or maybe its even you?  Thats fine!  I know its certainly me at times (ha ha).

A “lung” person likes to maintain a sense of control over their surroundings, likes order and logic. The lung is also tied to the emotion of grief.  Often a lung dominant person has a difficult time letting go of past suffering or is in the midst of sadness or grief.  Through my own clinical observations I have found that most patients who recently experienced break up, divorce or the death of a loved one present with respiratory ailments.

Often times lung/metal patients are not overly warm or friendly but display good manners and have a respectful personality.  Often punctual for appointments, intake filled out flawlessly and often have questions about what to expect for their treatment. For any of these organ associated symptoms an imbalance would lead to these characteristics becoming even more dominant.

These types of connections in Chinese Medicine fascinate me. Remember the part I mentioned about difficulty letting go?  Well from a physical and diagnostic standpoint the lungs and large intestine are indirectly connected. If the ego or emotional body can’t let go then often times constipation results.  I see it all the time in my acupuncture clinic here in San Diego!

This is one of the many areas where acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine really come through and help patients not seeing the results they desire from Western Medicine.  I look at the whole picture and can correct imbalances overlooked through other modalities. By treating and energetic imbalance we reconfigure the physical body and profound healing can occur.

If this sounds like you or if you have questions I’d love to be of service through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at my office in Banker’s Hill, Mission Hills and North Park.

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