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How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free During COVID-19

There are so many ways that critters can get into our home based upon the normal habits we don’t even think about.  Under regular circumstances this is not a big deal.  Our bodies have the immune system in place and the antibodies to fight most anything it comes in contact with.


While we will never be able to keep our homes completely sterile- that can only happen in a hospital or laboratory environment under extreme conditions, there are a few things we can do to stop viruses at the front door- literally.


  1.  When you come in from outside, remove shoes immediately and leave outside or by the front door in the same place.

2.  Place coat, scarf, gloves, and bag in the same place away from kitchen counter, bed, couch, dining chair, etc.  Think of having these in their own special place during this time.  Anything that was out and about outside gets “quarantined” so to speak.


3. Place keys and wallets in a bowl that can be washed and leave it by the front door to remind you.  Wipe down keys, wallet and any cards that were used with a disinfecting wipe.  Avoid using coins and paper money during this time.


4.  Go straight to the bathroom and WASH YOUR HANDS with hot water and soap for 20 seconds- happy birthday to you twice.  Never wash your hands in the kitchen sink.


5.  If you are bringing in groceries. Set bags on the kitchen floor.  NEVER place them on the counter (in a future post I will discuss how to handle groceries)


6.  If you are bringing in mail, keep it in its own special place by the front door or away from kitchen, dining table or desk.  Open immediately, put junk mail and envelopes directly into recycling and discard or deal with necessary paper mail ASAP. Then WASH YOUR HANDS AGAIN


7.  If you are bringing in a package that has been at your doorstep, open it outside.  Place cardboard directly into recycling.  Then, WASH YOUR HANDS.  Wipe down interior contents with a disinfecting wipe.


It is extremely important to rethink all of our regular habits.  Often the kitchen counter or dining table is the first place where things from the outside world get placed when they come inside.  Break this habit.  Its good practice regardless but for now these small changes can help to protect you and your family.


Stay safe and stay well.  Please let me know if I can assist you with anything during this time.


Dr. Riley

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