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How Functional Medicine Found Me…

Everything would check out ok with my doc, but I still wasn’t feeling better.


✅Crazy insomnia

✅Mind racing



✅Sudden feelings of overwhelm that made me want to scream

✅Etc, etc etc…


Can anybody else relate? 


I was tired of being told to go on meds (NOT med shaming here.. there is a time and place)  I just knew in my gut (literally) that that wasn’t going to manage the issue. Not only that, I was tired of chasing one modality after another to get a handle on my anxiety.


Sometimes the go-go-go hustle of looking for the next “fix” to finally eliminate anxiety can be more anxiety producing than just white-knuckling it and learning to survive each day. You too?


For nearly a decade I had wanted to start studying and delve deep into functional medicine.  I have seen other patients realize true breakthroughs from other practitioners.


I had also heard and seen so many “miracle” stories from other doctors that I trust wholeheartedly.


Bottom line, I was ready for a new approach for myself and for my patients that I could integrate seamlessly into my existing practice.  I am forever grateful that I have been able to use this year and the extra time it has provided me to become certified in Functional Medicine.


It has provided me with tremendous breakthroughs for my own health and with so many of my patients. Finally, for the first time in my adult life, I feel that I have a handle on my anxiety…


Externally, I am better able to recognize and manage triggers (skills learned through coaching and TONS of research on my own).


Internally, I finally have a handle on my gut health, neurotransmitter balance and hormones through lab testing and a strategy.  See, its worthless to know all the data from labs without a strategy on how to use that information to make powerful health shifts…


That’s why it requires time and one on one coaching.


It has been nothing short of life changing and to be able to share it with you all is the privilege of a lifetime.


If you can relate to how I felt before this life-changing shift drop I would love to hear your story. 

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