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Herbs for Allergies

Yep, Stinging Nettle.

Now, I’m not saying go pick a bunch of nettle and rub it all over yourself- please don’t do that;

You can easily find nettle tea and even capsules at places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Amazon.

Nettle has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is extremely high in Chlorophyll, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Due to these reasons it is perfect for treating all symptoms of seasonal allergies. Watery eyes, hay fever, itching, sneezing, runny nose, you name it. If a cup of tea isn’t your style, you can infuse nettle into other drinks or meals. Utilize the nettle in a way which fits your lifestyle. There is nothing better than an all-natural cure to seasonal allergies, so it might be worth skipping your regular OTC for a bit to see if the nettle route works for you.


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