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Herbal Xanax, you say??? Yes please!

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (pronounced: Teean Wong Boo Sheen Dahn)

I love this name… “Emperor of Heaven’s Pill to Tonify the Heart”

How cool is that?? This is a great formula that usually gets used for insomnia but can be used for all kinds of things like night sweats, anxiety, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, irritability, poor concentration, poor memory and fatigue. If any of these sound familiar, let me know!

It is a rather large formula full of so many beautiful and photogenic ingredients clockwise starting at 12 o’clock:

Sheng Di Huang (shung dee whong)– foxglove root

Ren Shen (wren Shen)– ginseng root
Tian Men Dong (teeahn men dahng)– asparagus root
Mai Men Dong (my men dang)– a type of lily root
Xuan Shen (shooahng shen)– figwort root
Dan Shen (dahn Shen)– red sage
Fu Ling (foo ling)– a type of mushroom
Yuan Zhi (yooahn zsher)– Siberian milk-wort root
Dang Gui (dahng gooay)– wild celery root
Wu Wei Zi (woo way zer)– magnolia berry fruit
Bai Zi Ren (buy zee wren)– arborvitae seed
Suan Zao Ren (swan tzow wren)– jujube seed
Jie Geng (jeeay gung)– balloon flower root

This is one of my favorite formulas for so many reasons.  Its a true “catch all” that can address the symptoms  of this sometimes f*cked up world we call home!

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