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Allergies and Chinese Herbal Medicine in San Diego

 As we in San Diego know, allergies here can hit hard. There are so many factors besides the seasons.  Our often damp weather creates mold problems and living next to so many parks and canyons like Balboa Park, Mission Trails Park, Florida Canyon, Penasquitos, Cowles Mountain along with all the canyons that run through Mission Hills, South Park, Golden Hill, Bay Park, North Park, Normal Heights.. just to name a few.  I have found that acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine makes a HUGE difference for people in San Diego suffering from allergies. 

Did you know that nearly 50 million Americans are affected by nasal allergies costing the US economy nearly $20 billion per year?!

If injuries are not life-threatening there are ways to deal with them that don’t involve tons of medications- although there might be a time and a place for them, there is a lot I can do with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine!

Here’s a short list of items that can be used to treat non-life-threatening allergies- many of which can be found here in San Diego in he supplement sections of “healthier” grocery stores.  Number 5 is a Chinese Herbal Formula that I can order for you and sent directly to your home!

1.   Reishi/Medicinal Mushrooms: Medicinal mushrooms (not the magic kind!) have been used for centuries to help with everything from balancing blood sugar to decreasing inflammation.They are also what is known as “adaptogenic” meaning they can help regulate stress- which, believe it or not, is a big contributor to allergies…who knew?

2.   Scutellaria/Huang Qin: Used in Chinese Herbal Medicine for many respiratory problems it is especially good at treating asthma attacks.

3.   Saposhnikovia/Fang Feng: A superb herb for allergies that lead to nasal congestion and headaches.

4.   Magnolia Flower/Xin Yi Hua:  Awesome for sinus headache, conditions and runny nose.  You’ve probably seen magnolia trees growing around San Diego!

5.   Cang Er Zi San: A formula great for allergy attacks it helps to open up nasal passageways, get rid of mucus and itchy eyes.

6. Yu Ping Feng San: A great preventative herbal formula for all things respiratory- both colds and allergies.

I live in the real world too and sometimes one more pill to take can just seem like too much and I forget.  To keep things simple, I contract my herbal prescriptions with and FDA certified lab that uses organic plant-based formulas.  Its so easy.. I call in the prescription and its sent right to your door!  More information can be found on my website.

In Health,

Riley Smith LAc, DiplOM

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