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Herbal Formulas for Summer

Summer in San Diego can mean a lot of great things but it can also bring on overheating, sunburn and even depression for some people. TCM has some unique ways of treating these. 

No matter what the season its important to prep the body for seasonal changes.  Herbal formulas that strengthen the immune system and nourish the body are just as important in summer.  Here are a few and as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist here in Mission Hills, North Park and Banker’s Hill San Diego I am happy to help you.

1. Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang: Used to clear overheating in summer, promote body fluids/hydration and benefit overall Qi/life force.

2. Liu Yi San:  Another one to clear overheating, induce urination and benefit overall Qi/life force. This is an excellent formula for heat stroke because it can help stop nausea and vomiting that go along with heat exhaustion.

Some are even just individual herbs and not herbal formulas that are made up of multiple herbs.

Ju Hua/Chrysanthemum Flower: steeped into a tea during the summer months it is great for clearing dry cough and cooling the body.

Mung beans: Used to combat heat exhaustion and heat stroke when steeped as a tea.  Also great for rehydration, headaches and diarrhea associated with too much sun exposure.

Many of these herbs can already be found at your local health food market or Asian market. Check with me, Riley Smith LAc Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist in San Diego for herbal formulas. I can easily prescribe whats best for you and get the prescription to you no problem!  You can visit me at my offices in North Park, Mission Hills or Banker’s Hill San Diego.


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