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Guys- Its Time To Get Some Game At The Office

Seriously, gents.  Can we just, for once, skip the boring, safe and banal selection out there of office accessories?  You know, the standard issue grey or black laptop case you found at Best Buy or on Amazon?

If you want to make a truly memorable impression at your next meeting and make your presentation as unforgettable as your sense of style it doesn’t start and end with your tie.Bring it all together for a home run with these one-of-a-kind recycled suit laptop cases 

I first discovered these when I saw one of my patients with one– sidetrack: I treat the whole family and they are probably the most adorable, sweetest and not to mention fashion-forward family I know… Even their 5 year olds look like they just stepped off a runway–of these bags.  When I got my new Mac for Christmas last year it was time to up my game.  

The COOLEST part about this is that you get to work one-one-one with the lady who makes these.  You tell her the color scheme that you are going for.  In my case I was into black, grey, charcoal with a vintage suit label on it.  Each item is hand         made from recycled suit jackets.  I  freakin’ love this stuff!

I am a firm believer that our outward appearance should match how we feel about ourselves on the inside.  I know that when I feel good about how I look, my whole demeanor and confidence level will change.  Looking my best is important to me- its not about the label.  For me, its about an extension of my inside and what I want to present to the world.


I like fun, novel things and this bag is on point! Ladies, they also have purses, backpacks and kids clothes too.

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