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Gua Sha or “Scraping”

How Gua Sha Works: Gua Sha is an ancient technique applied superficially to the skin. It is used to increase blood flow to tight and tense muscles. Ideally 1-2 muscle groups per treatment. Newly “discovered” here in the West you might have seen it called “scraping” or “Graston”.  The traditional -and far superior- method uses finely crafted jade stone tools by a practitioner with years of training and experience.

Single Treatment

New Patient- 45 minutes: $85 ($80 cash discount)

Follow Up- 30 Minutes: $80 ($75 Cash Discount)


Seldom used because many practitioners don’t want to take the time to perform it.  But, its so effective I have made it a bookable appointment all on its own.  It deserves its own time to shine!

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