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Allergies Treated by Acupuncture? How and Why…

This is one of 2 blog posts in a series about acupuncture and herbal medicine for allergies here in San Diego.  I have found the combination very beneficial for my patients, especially those that live around open area and canyons throughout Mission Hills, North Park, Normal Heights and South Park.            

As an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, I focus heavily on something called Wei Qi. Think of it as the Chinese medical way of explaining the immune system.  Acupuncture helps to boost the Wei Qi making it more difficult for allergens to attack the body. This is one of the best reasons to get regular acupuncture treatments if you suffer from allergies of any kind.            

Acupuncture’s ability to help rebalance and establish normal energy flow throughout the body helps to get rid of inflammation and congestion. Many people who receive acupuncture treatments report they notice changes immediately. And over time, this will help to bring the body back into balance permanently.

Acupuncture has been shown to decrease heat and inflammation associated with allergies. This can manifest as a sore throat, swollen sinuses and red eyes. There are specific acupressure points on the body that can almost instantaneously relieve these symptoms. These can become especially bad during the Santa Ana winds we get here in San Diego.

Many allergy sufferers also report pain.  Pain associated with allergies can prevent people from enjoying life. But regular acupuncture treatments can help resolve that and allow people to be more active and happy.            

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Riley Smith LAc, DiplOM

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