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Five Acupuncture Points for Summer

Summer in San Diego can be a bit confusing.  Our nice weather makes it feel like summer or spring almost all year long but it really comes down to daylight hours.  TCM equates long days with abundant outward energy and there are acupuncture points that help our bodies better adjust to theres seasonal changes.

To keep the heart and small intestine are the two organs associated with summer. There are over 350 acupuncture points on the body, but there are a few special ones that really work great to help with digestion and mental sharpness.

1.   Heart 8

Located on the palm of each hand,  Heart 8 can be used to decrease palpitations, calm the mind and reduce a fever.

2.   Large Intestine 11

Located at the crease of the arm on the front side of the elbow. Its a extremely effective point for clearing heat in the body.

3.   Small Intestine 3

Located on the outside edge of the top knuckle of the pinky finger its a great point to reduce fever and reduce mental stress.

4.   Heart 7

On both hands at the outside edge of the wrist crease its great for reducing heart palpitations, fever and calming the mind.

5.   Ren 4

Located about 2 inches below the belly button, Ren 4 helps with digestive issues.

Any of the points can be used on their own or in conjunction with others.  They are great to know for acute cases of heat stroke or general overheating from too much of our our San Diego sunshine.  Acupuncture in San Diego- wouldn’t be summer without it!


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