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Five Acupuncture Points for Spring


To keep the liver and gallbladder working smoothly (the organs associated with spring in Chinese Medicine), things like acupuncture, herbal formulas, nutritional counseling, tai chi and qi gong are all recommended. Acupuncture utilizes over 300 different pressure points on the body to help keep it in alignment and free from disease. There are also points I’ve found useful in my San Diego Acupuncture practice:

1. Liver 3 – On the top of the foot near the base of the big toe. This point can be used to decrease headaches, nasal congestion, depression and anxiety- I use this point A LOT because there are so many people– me included– that need some help just chilling out sometimes.

2. Large Intestine 20 – Found bilaterally on either side of the nose- on the outside of the nose. Used to decrease nasal pain, congestion, sinus blockage and general runny nose… all symptoms common with spring time allergies here in San Diego.

3. Gallbladder 34 – Located bilaterally on the outer side of the lower leg.  Its a master point for tendons all over the body but especially the lower leg.  Tendons that can become a bit rusty during the winter months from under use.  Not much a problem for our mild San Diego winters though!

4. Liver 14 – Located bilaterally on abdomen this promotes liver qi movement (remember thats the organ associated with spring and also helps digestive movement.  Spring is an ideal time to work on clearing the bowels of backed up matter from the dormant winter months.

5. Urinary Bladder 18 – This point is located bilaterally on either side of the spine at the ninth vertebra (T9 as you might know it).  It is at the same level of the nerves that come out of the spine to feed the gall bladder and liver.  Gently stimulating this point can help to uptick the functions of both organs.

If you can’t make it in to see me for your regular acupuncture in San Diego you can do the next best this thing by gently stimulating these points with your fingers.  Or- better yet- have a friend or your partner do it for you!

In Health,

Riley Smith LAc, DiplOM

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