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A Different Look Treatment for Low Back Pain

What is the Dai Mai?

Interestingly enough, the Dai Mai (or Girdle Vessel) is the only meridian that flows horizontally. It originates at a liver meridian point on the lateral ribs, descends down towards the waist like a belt and connects with a side branch of the kidney meridian.

The Dai Mai separates the lower half and the upper half of the body and has a purpose to allow energy to flow between these two halves. Energy can’t flow properly if the Dai Mai is too tight. This can cause pain, sluggishness, or the feeling of being weighed down. Sometimes it can even cut off circulation to the legs which causes pain and the tensing of the outer leg muscles.

What happens if the Dai Mai is too weak?

If the Dai Mai is too weak, energy will stay stagnant and won’t be able to flow properly leading to muscle weakness and atrophy. Fluids or dampness can rest in the lower burner which can cause difficult urination, excessive vaginal discharge or cloudy urine. A weak or slack Dai Mai is not able to vessel the kidney’s essence, this depletes other vessels as a chain reaction. When energy cannot rise, it can lead to many problems such as hernias, organ prolapse and miscarriages.  

What does the Dai Mai treat?

Since the Dai Mai is closely related to the liver and gallbladder it helps to flow energy through those systems. The Dai Mai can treat temporal headaches, migraines, anger, gallbladder pain and chronic neck and shoulder tension. Since it is near the liver, it can also be used to treat abdominal pain, low back pain, and hip pain.

Treating the Dai Mai with acupuncture is an effective way to balance this meridian and is vital for the function of the liver, gallbladder and overall health. Low back pain is one of the main complaints I hear from patients in my San Diego acupuncture clinic.  Whether from sports injury, lifestyle, long office hours or for no reason you can think of- I’m here for you!

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