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Acupuncture and Women’s Health

The Chong Mai is one of the main and most important Extraordinary Vessels. It flows throughout the entire body and has energy networks branching out, each with an energetic function.

Another term for the Chong Mai is the Penetrating Vessel, this vessel is located in between the kidneys alongside Vessels Du Mai, also known as the governing vessel and Ren Mai which is the directing or conception vessel. Its internal branch can be found descending through the uterus, emerging out into the perineum. Its descending branch flows down the leg into the medial foot and big toe. And its abdominal branch flows upward through the abdomen, into the kidney meridian which then spreads out throughout the abdomen and chest.

The head branch extending into the throat, chin and eyes while the spinal branch flows along with the Du Mai up the spine. The Chong Mai is a unique vessel in that it covers so many networks and pathways in the body and passes through or touches many primary meridians. The Chong Mai is multifaceted and multi-multipurpose. It plays a significant role in menstruation health, which is why it’s called the “Sea Of Blood.” It also makes positive contributions to gynecological health.

The Chong Mai is very effective at moving blood throughout the body and flows blood where there is stasis. Because of the far reach of Chong Mai, it also contributes to the heart and regulates the flow of blood throughout the chest. Since the Chong Mai regulates heart and cardiac functions, it is also directly correlated to issues such as anxiety and panic attacks. Working on the Chong Mai through acupuncture or massage can ease the symptoms of anxiety and reduce panic attacks significantly.    

Another interesting feature of the Chong Mai is that it keeps energy flowing through the body at all times. Many practices and exercises around Chinese Medicine centre around the principle of constant energy flow. This makes the Chong Mai very important indeed. If you feel stagnation or pain in the body, you can bet the Chong Mai isn’t working properly. If you’re feeling nausea or agitating symptoms in the stomach, that is also directly related to the Chong Mai. Treating the Chong Mai when you have any kind of pain without a sure cause is a good way to cover a lot of area because of the Chong Mai’s extensive network.

The Chong Mai can be opened via the wrists and feet so it is ideal to treat the Chong Mai using acupuncture, but also with Chinese medicine and exercises like Tai Chi and qi gong. Speaking of Tai Chi and qi gong… Balboa Park here in San Diego is just across the street from my acupuncture office in Banker’s Hill.  Its a great place to practice both!

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