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Fire Cupping

How Chinese Style Fire Cupping Works: Want to look like Michael Phelps? This is not the imposter version using the pneumatic suction plastic cups. This is the real deal! The tried and true ancient technique using a small flame to create a vacuum inside the cup. Stronger, better control and more effective than the contemporary version.

Single Cupping Treatment*

New Patient- 45 minutes: $80 ($75 cash discount)

Follow Up- 30 Minutes: $75 ($70 Cash Discount)


Focused cupping treatment to release tight muscles and connective tissue allowing for proper blood flow and muscle detoxification. Perfect for tight upper and lower back, I.T. band, glutes. It is very common to see cupping offered at many places besides a licensed acupuncturist’s office.

Great for athletes, weekend warriors and for the everyday superhero in all of us.

*It is extremely important for the public to know that this is part of Chinese Medicine and should be treated as such.  It is advised to only see a licensed acupuncturist for cupping as we have years of training on how, when to (and when not to) use this multifaceted and powerful treatment.


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