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Chinese Herbal Medicine

How Chinese Herbal Medicine Works:

Chinese herbal medicine is part of a holistic approach that works best when combined with acupuncture.  Rather than address disharmony and disease directly, it works to restore balance, spirit and energy to our system as a whole thereby indirectly addressing what is of concern to the patient.

The Chinese were the first to incorporate multiple herbs into formulas rather than one herb at a time. By 200 BC Chinese herbal medicine was strongly in place and an entire listing constant of thousand of herbs (mainly plant leaves, root, bark and seeds) along wth formulas was in place and has continued to develop and be fine tuned both practically and in scientific laboratories ever since.

Side effects are rare and mild if experienced at all.  The herbs that I use are domestically sourced, organic and compounded in an FDA compliant lab here in the United States. I primarily use pills and capsules since they are much easier to take. For your convenience, they are shipped directly to your home.

Herbal Consultation

30 Minutes: $60*

($50 cash discount price)

Includes full medical history, intake, tongue and pulse examination and diagnosis. This is a thorough yet efficient appointment ideal for those who already have experience with Chinese Herbal Medicine, looking for herbs only and for those with limited time in their schedules.

*Price does not include cost of herbs



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