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How To Set Goals to Reduce Anxiety

Seems like San Diego is a hot bed anymore for the positive thinking movement.  Its easy to get caught in comparison and FOMO on social media when everyone else looks like they have it together.  It can be a big source of anxiety!  What to do when it looks like everyone else has it figured out and where they are headed?  Goal setting is a huge piece to success.  If you havent practiced it much it might seem daunting but these seven steps are a great place to start:

1.  Motivation. The goals you set for yourself should be important to you, making you feel there is value in achieving them. Make sure you’re able to identify why each goal matters to you, otherwise it will be hard to take action.

2. Bite-Sized bits.  For instance, if your goal is to lose 60 pounds over the next year, break that down into smaller more achievable goals. For example, set a goal of losing five pounds per month for the next 12 months. This makes the larger goal more feasible and accessible.

3. Write it! The physical act of writing down a goal makes it tangible and real and adds a sense of accountability to the goals. Pay attention t the wording you use. In place of “I would like to” use “I will” to give your goals more power.

4.  Plan of Attack. In other words, don’t just focus on the end result. Spend time working on the steps it will take to get you to your ultimate goal.

5.  Modify when necessary. Goals may change as you age or as you start to change. Your goals should be adjusted accordingly, allowing for flexibility and growth.

6.  Share it! Like writing your goals down, saying them outloud to someone makes them feel more real and helps to hold you accountable for achieving them.

7.  Persistence. Many times, when we are faced with failure, we tend to give up on our goals. Some of the most successful people in history failed numerous times before they got it right. And they all had to stop, adjust and reevaluate their goals as they went along, but they ultimately succeeded because they stayed the course.

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