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Anxiety – Gut Health Connection


Don’t understand what you’re looking at? ⁠

Don’t worry.. thats my job.⁠

Don’t understand WTH this has to do with anxiety?⁠

Don’t worry.. I’ll break it down.⁠

What we are looking at here my friends is the amazing friend in our colon called Butyrate. Butyrate belongs to the families of short chain fatty acids (SCFA).⁠

Everyone has them, some more, some less- but we will get there…⁠

Why is the level of Butyrate so important? ⁠

Well, lets break it down:⁠

1. High levels of Butyrate protect against IBS and Chron’s 💩⁠

2. Promising research indicates that it plays a preventative role in colon cancer⁠

3. High levels of Butyrate protect agains insulin sensitivity and Type 2 diabetes⁠

4. High levels of Butyrate indicate a healthy gut. A healthy gut means you have a good microbiome. A good microbiome is a KEY way to prevent anxiety⁠

I love to do gut health testing and find discover Butyrate levels. These short chain fatty acids play a foundational role in protecting agains anxiety. 99% of the time its one of those 💡discoveries that can make all the difference in the world for my patients.⁠

It’s just one of the many things we test for at my clinic and is a key part of The Anxiety Detox Method™ protocol. ⁠

Holler if you want to know your Butyrate!⁠

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