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Willpower and The Power of Acupuncture


I am a huge proponent in treating yourself but sometimes saying “no” to indulgences is the better route to go.  So, we can all relate to that feeling sometimes of not being able to pull ourselves out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning for that early workout.  Or that overriding temptation to indulge in desert?  No matter the activity willpower is what keeps many of us disciplined.  Nothing is right or wrong here, its just a matter of ticking up our willpower a bit.  Just like any other habit, it can be changed.

Think of willpower as a muscle.  Just like a muscle, it can be trained.  Just like our muscles, willpower uses energy and has its limits.  Over time it can be depleted making it easier to go have the dessert or hit snooze one too many times.  But what can you do about it?

This is probably new to you, but regular acupuncture treatments are effective in enhancing your willpower.  The Chinese word for will is “zhi”.  In TCM zhi is associated with the energy of the kidneys.  So, if the energy of the kidneys is strong, so is the will.  By enhancing the strength of the kidneys.. and there are TONS of ways herbs, acupuncture and TCM can do this… so is increased the zhi/willpower.

As with all yin and yang there are 2 sides to every organ in TCM.  Kidney yin is the substance that accounts for drive and determination while the yang aspect is the expression of our goals, ambition and aspirations.  When both are in balance will power is strong.  This said, and we can all relate, often fear gets in the way and can throw our goals and ambitions off track. Fear is the mind’s way of keeping us safe and protecting us.  For those that have overcome adversity they will tell you that even though fear entered their minds, they overcame it and moved forward even still.  Thanks to strong willpower and balanced kidney yin/yang.

Acupuncture addresses the willpower by treating the body holistically.  As acupuncturists we look at  the environment, mind, body and emotions of each patient.  Through this I am able to customize treatments individually for each patient in my San Diego acupuncture clinic.  If you are gearing up for some new year’s resolutions, hit me up!  I’d love to help you accomplish your goals as a team.


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