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5 easy tips to stay healthy on summer vacation

Stay Healthy on Vacation- 5 Simple Steps


Summer brings tons of fun– extra time with family + friends, long hours spent outdoors and, for many of us, travel. Though travelling and vacation sounds like all fun + games (and for the most part, it is! Who doesn’t love a good nap in the sun or BBQ with an extra side of Mom’s homemade potato salad?), it often brings along unwanted stress.

How does one balance all of the fun in the sun with their usual healthy lifestyle? This is something I’ve personally grappled with but these easy fixes have really helped in the past an I think they can for you too!



1. Set An Alarm for 50% of Your Trip

For example, if you’re taking an 8-day domestic trip, you’ll choose four of those days to wake-up a little earlier and fit in a workout. This is nice because it allows me to sleep-in and feel like I’m in “vacation” mode, but also keeps me from getting in a slump. In fact, the days I choose to workout, I often feel super energized + more excited about the afternoon ahead.


2. Have Fun With It

Break-free from your usual gym routine (although, I do love a good hotel gym!) + do fun exercises you normally wouldn’t do back at the homestead. Do yoga on the beach, run around the streets of a downtown scene or bike ride on the pier or go for a hike.

Getting in some active time doesn’t have to be boring!




3. Walk More

While traveling, especially because you usually don’t know your way around yet, it’s easy to take the easy way out and hop in an Uber, take the subway or grab a bus token to get to your next destination, but something I love to do is walk. Not only does walking keep me moving throughout the day, but it also allows me to really explore the new destination I’m visiting and pass by places I may not have noticed.

When I was in Cuba earlier this year I walked the entire length of that city back and forth for 5 days straight.  It allowed for me to get some exercise but, more importantly, really get a feel for the city and the people.


4. Get the Pasta

Yep. Get the damn pasta. I know some people out there will be moaning, “Nooooo,” in agony, but what’s life without some occasional indulgence, ya? This is my trick: I only eat half. Not just with high calorie meals, but with most meals when I go out to eat because when I stop to pause midway, I usually realize I’m actually full. And the best part? There’s usually leftovers for later! Total score.

Cocktaling with my bestie in Mexico City!


5. Look for Active Pastimes

When I travel I always look for fun activities that involve a little movement– it doesn’t have to be anything crazy (no marathons on vacation for this guy, thank you!) but kayaking, bike tours and surf lessons are always a fun way to exercise without feeling completely worn out for the day ahead.

Let me know, what’s your favorite way to exercise on vacation?



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