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DIY Acupressure and Low Back Pain

One of the proven ways that acupuncture works is by triggering the body to release natural steroids that calm inflammation. In addition, it boosts endorphin production and helps relieve pain this way too.  When it comes to low back pain, countless studies have shown that acupuncture can help to delay surgery or even prevent it from becoming medically necessary.  None of this is meant to diagnose or treat your low back pain but these points can help to relieve it until you get in to see me:


Large Intestine 4 – This is a commonly known point.  Looking at your hand palm side down, this point is located between the thumb and pointer finger.  Grab that webbing or padding in between the two fingers.  Move toward the inner edge of the pointer finger.  Feel for a tender spot roughly half way between the wrist and first knuckle.  Gently stimulate this point.  Its a great one for back pain, headache, nausea and stress.

Gallbladder 34 – Found on both outer legs just below the knee. Feel for a bony bump at the top of a line drawn from your outer ankle to the side of the knee.  This point is located just below.  It is said to be an influential point of the tendons and muscles.

Urinary Bladder 40 – This is an easy one to find.  Like the others its located on both legs on the back side of the knees. Its a great one for relieving low back spasm and pain.


If  you are unable to get in right away to see me.  These little gems can hold you over!  Stimulate each for one minute using gentle pressure.  Its not meant to hurt.  Low back pain needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.  If you have questions about yours or want to come in right away contact me for a consultation or book directly on the website.  Im conveniently located in Banker’s Hill in San Diego.

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