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DIY Acupuncture For Anxiety

Far and away, acupuncture is one of the best tools out there for anxiety and stress reduction.  Whether its stuck in San Diego traffic, trying to get all your errands done, a crazy day at work or hyper kiddos at home it seems like the sources of anxiety are endless.  I treat so much stress and anxiety in my Banker’s Hill San Diego acupuncture practice that I have so many tricks to share.  For some quick DIY acupuncture you can take control until you get in to see me for an acupuncture appointment.  Check out these top three acupuncture points for anxiety listed below:

Liver 3 is a point located between the first and second toes. If you slide your finger between the toes up until you hit the junction of the two bones, you will find a very tender spot. This is a great point for so many things: irritability, headaches, TMJ, anxiety…the list goes on. Its also a great point for grounding energy since its on the foot.  Think if bringing all that stressful monkey mind chatter downward.

Pericardium 6 is a point that is commonly used for stress and nausea. You’ve probably seen the sea sickness bracelets?  Those activate this point.  Located about 2 inches up from the wrist on the underside of the arm.  Its located between the tendons you can feel if you make a fist.  It is powerful calming point for stress and nausea.

Stomach 6 Not a top go go for most but its one of my favorites. Clench your teeth and you’ll feel it at the belly of the big muscles that tightens up. Its a great point for relaxing the muscles of the face and jaw.  This relaxation extends up into the head and around they eyes creating and instant calming effect.

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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